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Kids Yoga: back in 2017!

KiDo KIDS Yoga Class

KiDO KIDS Yoga Class: back in 2017!


Yoga for children stimulates their attention and can create a sense of relaxation and serenity. Gathered around in a circle, the little yogis become more focused and learn to become aware of their breathing, develop self-confidence, and discover their true nature. Kids yoga is a great way to teach healthy living and cultivate a happy lifestyle in a fun and playful way.


With the Kido Kids Yoga method, kids realize yoga postures with names of animals naturally through:
– Yoga Rimes; rhymes sung along to perform the postures,
– Stories and / or drawings,
– Games alternating sitting and standing, walking and running, movements of smaller or larger amplitudes.


The 60 min class starts with a few minutes of discussion to promote exchange and share experience, then comes the warm up with moves such as a dance around a circle or the imitation of nature or animals, then we realize yoga postures with animal names to go then on a fun and creative time and finally conclude with a moment of relaxation inviting the little ones to a well deserved period of calm, recovery and relaxation.


Come and play yoga in both a creative and fun way according to the Kido Kids Yoga method developed by Heather Kamala that is the kids the Yogic Arts branch system of his brother, Duncan Wong. Mom and yoga teacher, Heather leads her Magikal school in California and created the Kido Kids Yoga method 10 years ago and since has trained teachers from around the world to her method (US, Asia and Europe).

TIME: 8:45 – 9:45

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yogaloft-logo aurelie yoga kids yoga Luxembourg KiDo Kids yogaYou can start at any moment. The price will be adapted accordingly.

Sign up by emailing HELLO@YOGALOFT.LU


A little word from our Yoga Kids teacher

“At the age of 17 it was obvious that I enjoyed being around children and completed my studies and received a BAFA (a French diploma and certification) in working with youth. From there I began to lead kid’s camps during holidays. I attended a 200 hour yoga teacher training and had the opportunity to meet Heather Kamala (sister of Duncan Wong), founder of the Magikal School in California and creator of the KiDo Kids Yoga method. There are no coincidences in life and it was a natural decision to enroll in her KiDo Kids yoga teacher training in 2015. I pursue continuous training through regular workshops and experience exchanging knowledge with teachers in Paris and the KiDo Kids yoga teachers all over the world.

I believe that my mission as a kids yoga teacher is to assist and accompany children on the journey of discovering to their true nature and individuality. Kids yoga is a great way to teach healthy living and cultivate a happy lifestyle in a fun and playful way. It is a gift to accompany them on this journey through playful yoga. As an adult, playing yoga with kids reminds us to be ourselves and that life is about enjoyment and having fun.”

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