Essential oils

As Yogi we love to incorporate natural solutions to our daily life and enhance our wellbeing and practice. Essential oils have a great power for that.

Pure essential oils are revolutionising the way we can manage our wellness and well-being. They are the nature's most powerful elements.



Trained in aromatherapy, biochemistry, agro engineer and human nutrition, I am honored to share with our Essential Tribe the well-being through essential oils. I was seeing these essential oils and doTERRA on the inspirational yoga teacher social networks before living and experiencing them directly at a training in London. Since then, I have been working alongside a great team by whom I am supported and supported by my trainings and experiences, I have created very strong links with people whom I would never have dared to contact before, have led initiatives and actions that I have not thought feasible before. I have evolved personally, humanely, professionally and in the contribution that I wish to make in the world and for my team. It is growing day by day. By embracing a more natural and healthy, more essential way of life, together we change our world and the world one drop at a time.

Practicing with essential oils

Practicing yoga and meditating with essential oils is an exquisite journey you need  to experience.

Discover more about how these pure essential oils can enhance your practice in the blog, ask for a free consultation or attend a workshop to experience their benefits. Classes on line or in person are announced in the events section.

We offer classes in yoga studio, 1-0-1, in small groups. You can also host a class and get a free gift for sharing this essential love with your friends and fellow yogis and yoginis. 

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